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“ …..The Dog Lady is extremely professional,
  goes above and beyond, and is extremely
  successful in her techniques.  I most definitely
  recommend The Dog Lady.  She is very 
  passionate about  what she does, and has 
  taken the time to educate herself about  dog
  training  and how to work with animals.  She has
  a love for animals and it shows!”
                                                              -Patti B.-

“…. You cared for our dog with more love and
     responsibility than some folks show their own
     children!  We had incredible peace of mind while
     we were out of town.  Having The Dog Lady in our
     lives makes it easy to be a responsible pet owner.
     We are so grateful for The Dog Lady!"
                                                           -Emily M.-

"....We have a very hyper and energetic 1yr. old
     GoldenDoodle.  Jessica came to our home 2x
     to help me teach Daisy behaviors that will make
     her a more pleasant dog to be around.  Daisy is
     not our first dog...we have had others, but she is
     definitely a challenge.  Jessica offered no nonsense
     practical approaches to dealing with Daisy's
     behaviors-mouthing, jumping, barking, surfing the
     countertops, walking, etc.  She keeps in contact 
     through frequent emails and really cares about
     results.  I am so happy to have found her.  Although
     we still have work to do, I feel we are on the right
     track and have seen improvements in a short time.
     Thanks Jessica!!"
                                                       -Leslie S.-

"....Jessica came to my house and worked with me 2x,
     and our dog Jake is a different puppy.  I am 
     amazed at the progress he has shown.  I would
     recommend her to anyone with animals.  Thank
     you again-"
                                                          -Liz S.-

 "....Consummate professional! Caught my inconsistencies
 in my instructions, checked in with any issues/problems, genuinely cares about the pet's well being. Thank
 you so much!:)"

".....The hidden 'gem of Delmar!   She will come to
   your home and make a plan for you to easily work  
   for you and your dog!"

"....The Dog Lady has transformed my dog!  I had 
    just about given up on her aggression issues and
    after a couple of sessions, I now have a happy,
    friendly dog again!  Thank you Jessica!"
                                                              -Ann M.-

".....Thanks very much Jessica.  I tell everyone I know
   with pets about you.  It was great to take a trip 
   and not 'worry'."
                                                -Kathleen and David-

“…..Jessica, you are the answer to my prayers!
     Finally, someone who is not only NOT afraid
     of Crystal, but who can take of her when we are
                                                  -Lillian S.-

 "....Cannot thank you enough-Georgia is turning out to be
     pretty good little girl.  She and Max are best of 
     friends-we have him visiting for a couple of weeks;
     working out just fine.  Without your help none of this
     would have been possible-our deepest appreciation
     and thanks."
                                                  -Thomas & Robin-

"....The Dog Lady provided training and tips for walking 
     on leash, stopping before crossing streets, and tips
     to utilize when Tawny sees squirrels and rabbits
     so she will stay on task...."

                                                      -Ellen F.-

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Delmar, NY 
"....We don't like leaving Baron at home, but    
  sometimes there is no other option.  The Dog
  Lady is a far better option then taking Baron to
  a kennel.  It felt like we were leaving Baron with
  a friend."
                                                            -Matt A.- 

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