About The Dog Lady

   The Dog Lady has two dogs of her 
   own (Australian Cattle Dogs), and
   knows no two dogs are the same, 
   or respond to the same training; this is    
   where her studies and research began 
   over 17 years ago. She always will 
   assess a dog and use the proper 
   technique for the individual circumstances.        
   She is an active member of the ASPCA
   and seeing the need to help abused 
   and neglected dogs, her study of behavior 
   rehabilitation started 13 years ago. 
   She has worked with abused, neglected,
   and destructive dogs, strays, ‘throw 
   aways’ (fight dogs), and misunderstood 
   dogs, as well as the dog in the shelter 
   because the owners just did not want him
   or her any more.  
   The Dog Lady looks forward to meeting
   your pet!

 *References and Reviews can be viewed
  on the 'Reviews' page and in guestbook
  and more are available on Request*

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